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About Alex

Cool Piano Teacher Alex Bohrer sitting at keyboard
Who is Alex Bohrer?

Alex Bohrer, owner of Cool Piano Teacher LLC, is not only the top-rated solo jazz piano teacher in Austin, Texas, but also a sought-after piano coach for Hollywood productions.


Alex has been hired by major film companies to provide piano coaching for A-list actors in HBO films, ensuring authentic and impressive musical performances on screen.

With [26] years of experience, a 5-star rating on Google, and a track record of success with both private students and celebrity clients, Alex is recognized as the go-to jazz piano instructor in Austin and throughout the Southwest region.


Alex Bohrer, a jazz piano expert and founder of Cool Piano Teacher LLC since 1998, graduated from Berklee College of Music and further refined his skills graduating from the Composition Arranging Program (CAP) at the Dick Grove School of Music.


Despite an extensive formal education, Alex attributes most of his jazz expertise to studying with legendary musicians like Henry Mancini, Dick Grove, Lalo Schifrin, Madame Chaloff, Ray Santisi and others and meticulously transcribing the works of jazz greats such as Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Oscar Peterson and hundreds of other jazz piano legends.

Jazz Piano Expertise:

Alex found his true passion and calling in teaching after touring as a performing jazz pianist and commercially scoring music for decades.


Many of his students have won National Composition and Best-in-State awards, while several others have moved on to teaching full-time privately and at universities. You can see many of them in his Google reviews.

He is regularly referred students by the UT composition department for private jazz theory study, and many of his students are full-time classical piano teachers looking to expand their theoretical knowledge.

Many piano teachers become his students while many of his students become piano teachers.

Innovative Teaching Method:

In 1998, Alex developed the innovative Piano Phraseology System, which has since cultivated National Composition and Best-in-State Jazz piano winners such as Sam Hooper, Joey Listrom and Nathan Hook to mention a few.

The Piano Phraseology System transforms basic chords into expressive musical phrases, enabling beginners to sound like seasoned professionals.


This approach provides a deep understanding of harmony and promotes creativity. Students can adapt phrases to musical situations, offering endless improvisation and compositional possibilities.

Contrary to traditional methods that delay gratification, Piano Phraseology offers immediate results by making complex concepts accessible and engaging, fostering a desire to explore music further.


Coaching Experience:

This system is also renowned for coaching A-list actors for piano roles in major films on HBO and Netflix. 

Projects include

  • Most recently piano coaching Elizabeth Olsen and cast on Nicole Kidman's HBO series "Love and Death"

  • 'La La Land' radio broadcast

  • 'City of Industry'

  • 'God is Not Dead'

  • 'Jazz Nights' radio broadcast'

  • 'A French Village'

  • The Road (Charlize Theron)

  • Rage (Saoirse Ronan)

  • The Power of the Dog (Kirsten Dunst)

To conclude, Alex Bohrer's unique blend of extensive education, jazz piano expertise, innovative teaching methods, and real-world coaching experience sets him apart as a premier piano teacher in Austin.


His passion for helping students of all levels achieve their musical goals, combined with his ability to make complex concepts accessible and engaging, creates a truly transformative learning experience.

Whether you're a beginner looking to build a strong foundation, an advanced student seeking to refine your skills, or an aspiring professional preparing for a career in music, Alex has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to help you succeed.


Explore his many online reviews further to learn even more about his teaching approach and student successes.


Please contact me now.

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