Alex Bohrer

Originally from Boston, Mass. Alex started playing piano at age 9 and began playing professionally at age 14 graduating from Berklee College of Music with a music degree in Jazz Piano Performance in 1981.
Next Alex moved to Los Angeles continuing his education in Composition/Arranging at the Dick Grove School of Music completing the intensive CAP program.
He spent the next 15 years performing locally and abroad as well as composing, arranging and scoring commercially.
His private instructors included music legends:
- Henry Mancini (Pink Panther/Moon River)
- Ray Santisi (Roster included Diana Krall & Keith Jarrett)
- Bill Conti (Rocky theme)
- Madame Chaloff (Roster included Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett and Herbie Hancock)
- Herb Pomeroy (Invented the jazz scale) and many others.

Alex moved to Austin, Tx in 1998 where he discovered his greatest enjoyment and passion is teaching Piano and Composition.
He founded Cool Piano Teacher LLC and the rest is history.
His unique teaching style of incorporating composition, performance and music technology with a relaxed sense of humor earned Alex the moniker the Cool Piano Teacher by his students. The name stuck.
Alex Bohrer created Piano Phraseology which over 25 years has yielded a great many "Best in State" Jazz Pianists, National Composition winners, dozens of successful piano teachers, recording artists and touring musicians.
Alex is in demand both as a private jazz piano teacher and as a piano coach for film projects. Two days per week are dedicated to preparing A-list actors, Successful YouTube vloggers, and other celebrities for piano parts in film scenes and videos. With his history in the LA music scene, this was an inevitable natural evolution.

As the top-rated solo jazz piano teacher in Texas Alex is credited with producing ..

  • Seven "Best in State" jazz piano performance winners
  •  Four "National Composition" winners
  • "Piano Phraseology for Pros" system
  • "Sixth Sense Harmonic Series"
  •  "Sliding System of Altered Tension and Release"
  •  Several new approaches to utilizing both Negative harmony and Scriabin harmony in composition and solo piano reharmonization.

Alex attributes his success as a piano teacher to his own love for learning and daily study believing that his own passion for continuous learning is the best student motivator. This belief is supported by hundreds of Student Success Stories.


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