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About Alex

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Alex Bohrer's Background

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Alex Bohrer quickly carved out a niche for himself in Austin, Texas, where he's now renowned for offering premier jazz piano lessons. Over the years, he's garnered accolades for his stellar track record in molding award-winning students in jazz piano performance and composition.

With a unique teaching style that fuses humor, avant-garde techniques, and a deep-rooted passion for music, Bohrer has transformed the musical paths of countless enthusiasts. This flair has rightfully earned him the reputation as Austins' Best Jazz Piano Teacher with over 115 online five-star reviews far surpassing any other single jazz piano teacher in the region. A simple Google search will confirm as much.

Bohrer's foray into the world of music began when he was just 9, taking his first steps on the piano. By 14, he was already showcasing his talents professionally. His dedication led him to the Berklee College of Music, graduating in 1981 with a degree in Jazz Piano Performance.


From there, he headed to Los Angeles to further hone his craft in Composition/Arranging at the esteemed Dick Grove School of Music, successfully navigating the demanding CAP program.

Throughout his career, Bohrer has had the honor of working and learning from music legends like Henry Mancini, Ray Santisi, Bill Conti, Madame Chaloff, and Herb Pomeroy.


While he's had the pleasure of performing across the globe and scoring for commercials, one of his standout contributions is coaching notable Hollywood actors for film piano scenes.  His most recent collaboration with Elizabeth Olsen for the series "Love and Death" is a testament to his expertise.  He reserves two days per week solely for piano-coaching  A-list actors for film and touring musicians for stage performances.


In 1998, Bohrer's journey took a defining turn when he settled in Austin, Texas. It was here that he discovered his true passion: teaching. He established Cool Piano Teacher LLC and started reshaping the musical landscapes of many aspiring artists. His distinctive teaching style seamlessly blends composition, performance, and music technology, all wrapped up with his signature humor. It's no surprise that he's affectionately known as "the Cool Piano Teacher."


One of Bohrer's significant achievements in his teaching career is the inception of "Piano Phraseology." This pioneering approach to piano education has birthed a series of "Best in State" jazz pianists, national composition victors, adept piano teachers, and illustrious recording and touring musicians.

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