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You've put business first for years.


Ready to start that bucket list?

Top-rated jazz piano lessons in Austin since 1998 help adult students achieve piano goals fast with the innovative Piano Phraseology system.


Book Your Free Demo Now if:

  • You want to reduce stress

  • You need some me-time 

  • You love the piano.

  • You enjoy humor.

  • You can make time to practice.

  • You'd rather learn than copy.

All lessons are recorded for practice recall, making it great for all ages, including seniors.

Unmatched Benefits:

  • All materials are free forever.

  • Makeup videos for missed lessons. No forfeits ever!

  • Lessons recorded for practice recall.

  • Piano Phraseology System for beautiful phrases, inspiring composition, and improvisation.

  • Holistic blend of classical technique and jazz theory for optimal results.

  • Top-rated piano lessons in Central Texas.

  • For exclusive access to dozens of jazz piano transcriptions and courses, visit Alex Bohrer at the Cool Jazz Club.  

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