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Fun Lessons - Serious Results

Alex Bohrer piano coaching A-List actors

Anyone Can Play

  • Actors with no piano experience are able to confidently perform piano scenes within a few weeks. So can you!

  • Mostly known for jazz piano, production teams rely on Alex's piano coaching for quick learning in all genres. 

Most Recent Project

  • Nichol-Kidman Production HBO's 'Love and Death'

  • Actors Elizabeth Olsen - Amelie Dallimore

Past Projects

  • 'La La Land' radio broadcast

  • 'City of Industry'

  • 'God is Not Dead'

  • 'Jazz Nights' radio broadcast'

  • 'A French Village'

Amelie's Instagram Post


"Wanna know a secret?? 🤫 Before filming this I didn’t know how to play the piano! The amazing production team on LoveAndDeath set me up with Alex the Cool Piano Teacher.


He was THE BEST and made learning so fun! I was incredibly proud of this scene because I had to sing, play the piano and say my lines. It was a challenge, but I am so thankful for the opportunity!"

Video Testimonials

Adults & Results

Kids & Results

More Successes

David V

Dave Testimonial
  "Alex showed me how to apply jazz theory. No more guesswork in my playing"

Ben L

Ben Testimonial
"My playing is far more expressive since Alex fixed my chord banging"

Dania A

Dania Testimonial
"I've gone from frustrated key tinkering to confident composing with ease"

Van A

Van Testimonial
 "Alex moved me beyond functional piano to ​finding my own style"

Ryan H

Ryan Testimonial
"With Alex, my improvisation ​skills have flourished"

Marcus P

Marcus Testimonial for Jazz Lessons
"Feels amazing to spontaneously arrange in any key without sheet music"
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