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Film Projects

Piano Coaching

  • For creative piano instruction, production teams rely on Alex's piano coaching for quick learning in all genres. 

Most Recent Project

  • Nicole-Kidman Production HBO's 'Love and Death'

  • Actors Elizabeth Olsen - Amelie Dallimore

Past Projects

  • 'La La Land' radio broadcast

  • 'City of Industry'

  • 'God is Not Dead'

  • 'Jazz Nights' radio broadcast'

  • 'A French Village'

"Wanna know a secret?? 🤫 Before filming this I didn’t know how to play the piano! The amazing production team on LoveAndDeath set me up with Alex the Cool Piano Teacher.


He was THE BEST and made learning so fun! I was incredibly proud of this scene because I had to sing, play the piano and say my lines. It was a challenge, but I am so thankful for the opportunity!"

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