I have referred many composition students to Alex Bohrer for private theory study.
​He is the top source in Austin for private advanced level jazz theory & performance.
​The feedback from all of the students has been overwhelmingly positive.

Gary Powell Head of Composition, UT

Alex is the piano teacher that can get your kids or yourself for that matter, excited about playing piano. He’s engaging, fun, extremely talented and passionate about piano.

My daughter looks forward to playing with Alex every week and is eager to go home to practice. Alex’s teaching style is like no other teacher I’ve ever experienced.

I love that he video records each session and by the time we’re home from practice it’s in my Dropbox waiting for my daughter.

If there’s any question about what she learned we can refer back to the video session.

So helpful! You & your children will love Alex!
Jennifer Brinsmade

Alex taught me how to compose - simple as that. I had already learned to read music when I began studying with him, but I hadn't learned to understand it. Beginning with our very first lesson, Alex showed me why the music I loved sounded the way it did, and how I could emulate it.
From that point onward there was no question that playing and writing music would always be a core part of who I am.
Within a couple of years studying with Alex, I went from playing "Rocket Man" on sheet music to composing an original piece for the Austin Symphony. And not a single moment of it felt like work.
​Alex's gift to me was the ability to express my joys and my sorrows through sound, whether it be at the piano or on manuscript paper. A music degree later, and now with many students of my own, I can still say that he has been my most important musical influence.

Sam Hooper
*National composition winner writing for the Austin Symphony age 16. Graduated Rice University.

I was trained in classical piano performance for six years (a few of which were at Clavier-Werke here in Austin) before I switched to Alex, and it was the best decision I ever made in respect to my musical development. Alex was the first piano teacher I had who taught me both the theory behind the music, as well as how to apply that theory to create my own music. In contrast to the [sometimes stifling] piano lessons I had from previous piano teachers, Alex always made the lessons fun, creative, and worthwhile. I would recommend Alex to any and every beginning piano student who wants a cool, entertaining and incredibly talented piano teacher to help foster their initial love for the piano, and to any and every advanced piano student who wants to continue to develop their technical skills, but who also wants to develop a deeper understanding of musical theory in order to begin creating their own music.
Michelle Hayner

Wow! Alex you really are the ultimate teacher's teacherI took a group jazz piano & theory course from Alex.
​As a piano teacher myself, I understand how important it is to convey material in a thoughtful, understandable and patient way. 
Alex demonstrated all of the above throughout the course. He puts a great deal of thought into how he presents the material.
His lesson are engaging and 
useful. He is very patient with everyone in class always encouraging us to try.
I would highly recommend him to anyone seriously interested in learning contemporary & jazz piano.

Brenda Hohman Piano Studios
Classical Piano Teacher

Having the opportunity to meet Alex and take lessons taught by him is absolutely one of the best music experiences I've ever had in my life. I came from China and had some experience with classical piano playing.
As much as I love music, my experience back in China in a way destroyed my passion for music for years as a result of endless boring practicing and not having any true insight in what music really is. Fortunately I met Alex.
Alex has a very unique way of teaching, and when I began I did not quite understand what was going on as it was completely different from my previous piano lessons back in China.
Since I expressed my confidence in music knowledge and requested intense content, each class took me tremendous effort to follow. Alex has very cool and modern teaching methodology and he records the whole lesson for your record, thanks to that I was able to review the class recording multiple times to digest the information better and better.
After a few lessons in, I was in awe of how rich and dense each lesson was, which I had not been able to fully grasp at first. Alex's class is nothing like bone-throwing and hand-waving. The lessons I took from Alex were powerfully dense and extremely systematic, the material contains every genuine piece of knowledge that I need to master what I want to learn.
I am sad that due to other personal priority I had to stop taking classes from Alex, but whenever I ran into any question related to music theory, digging into all the saved recordings I got from Alex always gave me helpful guidance and I have to say these class videos are so valuable and I'm so happy that I have them for my reference. Alex is also a very cool guy.
As a foreigner that speak English as my second language, I was not confident at all when I started. But Alex made me feel all comfortable. He has a great personality that I sincerely admire.
​There's more than just music that I learned from him. I really appreciate Alex's teaching and I enjoy his friendship so much. I hope every genuine music lover can find a great teacher like Alex, and if you're in Austin and you're looking for one, you won't want to miss this opportunity. Be prepared and learn music the hard way, the cool way, the fun way.

Zeyuan Zhu

Alex is one of the finest teachers in all of Texas, and perhaps the world. As a former student currently in college for music as a jazz studies major, I can tell you from the bottom of my heart firsthand that this man has brought to me what it means to have the freedom, the soul, and the creativity of jazz (and music in general) that the majority of music teachers cannot pass on to their students.
His teaching as brought me a level of understanding and creativity I never thought would be possible.
​I highly recommend Alex for any level of student, for he is both a purveyor of jazz's tradition and its future. If you want your child to grow both as a creative musician and as a person, Alex is the man for the job. Do not pass up this opportunity for your child.

Joey Listrom
* Best in State" winner for jazz piano performance age 16. Scholarship winner, Tested out of 1st year theory UNT

Alex is an amazing instructor with tremendous music knowledge....He has the ability to teach music composition in a manner that makes learning fun and enjoyable. He teaches complex music technique in the simplest way for the student to understand and does so with great passion. He is without any doubt the best music instructor you could wish for your kid.
Jaya KP

I studied with Alex for about 8 years between the ages of 8 and 18. He is why I am the artist and musician that I am today.
He encouraged my creativity, gave me tools to understand and enhance what I knew intuitively, and supported me in my unique musical journey.
Having studied with Alex, I was able to continue on to study music composition at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, one of the top in the nation. Now I've moved back to Austin and teach piano full time myself.
Alex was a phenomenal teacher who prepared me for my creative life today. I think back to our lessons together when I'm with my own students and draw from his sense of openness for each student's own sense of creativity.
​Along with teaching, I now create performance art and large scale art installation in my personal practice. Even in this separate medium, his teaching of structure balanced with fun and experimentation help guide me. I cannot recommend Alex more highly.

Elise Moltz
* Compositions featured at Austin's Long Center age 14. Graduated Oberlin Conservatory. 

Our son Jay studied with Alex many years ago when he was only a child. The profoundly positive effect Alex had upon Jay's life set the course for doing what he loves most now as an adult. He had Jay composing piano pieces within his first six months of piano lessons.
​We held a CD release party in our living room for friends and neighbors featuring Jay's work. This was Alex's alternative to a stressful formal recital.
After selling CD copies for $5 to attendees to benefit a local cause,.a light was switched on and years later Jay ended up majoring in Music Business. We know from friends that Alex had the same positive effect on many neighborhood kids.
Yes he is a great teacher but more importantly he inspires and gives his students the confidence to do whatever it is they love most in life. Thanks Cool Piano Teacher (Jay is now engaged and sends his love).

Carolyn Stanton

Alex Bohrer, "Cool Piano Teacher", is profoundly gifted at piano and at teaching piano. I attended a Meet Up group, where he taught how to accompany a song out of a beginners study book using two chords. As an intermediate player with little reading skills, I was able to follow the reasoning behind the theory of the two chords and why they sound so incredibly good. Thank you Alex. I hope more people take advantage of your skills as a "Cool Piano Teacher."
Frederick Bernard

​"Absolutely amazing teacher! Extremely talented and knowledgeable musician. Couldn't be a nicer person, always working with positivity, kindness and passion. I'm so happy I connected with Alex"...
Hunter Nyhuis
​"1st place Jazz festival" for jazz piano performance age 16. Just accepted with head start into Eastern College in the fall.

I am a full-time guitar instructor for a local Austin music school. I took several lessons with Alex to gain a more functional understanding of advanced theory.
Being a recent Berklee College of Music graduate, I knew a fair amount about about theory but the practical application of it to my playing eluded me.
After a degree in practice and classroom learning which only qualified me to say I have a Berklee degree, I decided to take my playing to the next level.
​As a teacher I view continued education as a great investment which raises the caliber of my own students as I gain more useful knowledge to offer them.

I would recommend Alex as a master "jazz theory" instructor no matter what instrument you play.

Evan R
​Guitar Teacher & graduate of
Berklee College of Music

Alex is an incredible performance pianist! We recently held a cocktail party, "An Evening of Cocktails and Jazz", at which Alex performed. We and our friends were entertained and impressed by his skill and broad repertory. The event was a great success due to his charm and exceptional talent!
Bonnie Glass

I am a professional pianist with a music education degree from UT. I learned more about applicable jazz theory in my first lesson with Alex than I did in an entire year at UT. Alex has a passion for teaching which seems to come naturally.
I perform regularly at local venues and my biggest frustration with my playing had always been the fact that my chords tended to sound too vanilla and schmaltzy.
After several lessons my playing has definitely blossomed. Now my chord voicings sound very rich and professionaI. I highly recommend Alex for other pianists wanting to take their playing to the next level.

Sharon Bourbonnais

As an online student I really appreciate the practice video support included. It's like having Alex working with me in between lessons. When it comes to jazz piano and theory I've not met another piano teacher who comes even close.
Dale Morrison

​If i could award 6 or 7 stars I would. Alex is a real life jazz virtuoso, and has figured out how to simplify the structure of music for young (or old) students.
My son went from first piano lesson to "Take the A-train" in less than a year. Along the way I watched as Alex systematized things i either struggled with or never properly learned in all-state jazz ensemble.
Your child will learn to make music for his/herself. You'll be giving more than lessons. You'll be giving the gift of music for a whole life long.

David Nelson

Alex is definitely the coolest piano teacher ever! I had to pull my son out of a highly rated music school nearby so that he could be in Alex's class! Not only did Alex teach my son how to play the piano, he taught him how to compose music as well! I thought composing is something you'll do when you've grown up but Alex surely proved that I'm wrong by letting him start at 6! Thank you Alex!!
K Chow

I'm a trained classical pianist, and Alex is the jazz piano teacher I've been looking for my whole life. Alex knows all the theory and technique but subordinates it to making music and freeing his students' creativity. Alex also makes exceptional use of technology, with audiovisual recording and software integrated into lessons and practice. Piano teaching on a whole other level than I've experience d before.
Paul Von Hippel

I am the pianist for my church and as such I wanted to add some color to my bland hum drum chords. Alex came highly recommended as the go-to teacher for achieving a more professional sound. I recall walking into my first lesson expecting just your typical piano lesson and assignment. I walked out feeling musically enlightened instead. I had no idea there were so many wonderful possibilities for spicing up the hymns I love to play. I actually now very much look forward to practicing after work. My fellow church members certainly have noticed the positive difference in my playing based upon all the wonderful compliments I've been receiving over the past year. I couldn't recommend more highly. Alex is an amazing teacher!
Francis Chandler

Alex is a pleasure to work with. He has the experience and knowledge to teach me from beginner level. He is very talented and passes along nuggets of information that helps tremendously. Even in this time of virus quarantine we are able to have Zoom lessons effectively , and his patience is superb. His sense of humor makes each lesson a “no stress” session. I can’t wait to learn more each week.
Ed Jackson

I spent my time in college studying trumpet, but never did anything with it. 10 years later, I really wanted to get music back into my life, but decided to switch instruments to piano. Alex has a really comfortable and laid-back approach to teaching that mixes solid technique and theory with a constant push for creativity, and he makes sure to put both the 'boring' technical stuff and the 'fun' improvization and composition stuff into every lesson. I've walked away from each lesson so far filled with inspiration, ideas, and a real desire to go home and keep playing and practicing, and I really feel like Alex can give me the foundation to get me where I want to be on the piano.
Jaedyn Draper

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Alex is an incredible teacher and a very talented musician! I came to him with a goal to get back to playing piano after a long gap. He not only helped to reestablish my skills but taught many new concepts in piano technique and composing. 
I started attending classes in person but had to switch to online. I was worried it wouldn’t keep me engaged but it turned out to be even more convenient and effective. Alex has a great technical system set up that allows to receive every piece of information from the screen same as it would be in person. And all that without spending time on commute. I also enjoy that all lessons are video recorded, so I can come back to any of them when I practice on my own. Honestly, I would choose 6 stars if I could!

Anna Smirnova

Alex is an amazing piano teacher. His knowledge of music and talent for composing are extraordinary. His ability to teach technique and theory at my child's appropriate level of understanding is appreciated. He truly makes learning fun!
Jennifer Collins

Alex is an amazing piano teacher whose unique & creative style has been able to get my son Carson to finally love playing & practicing when past teachers could not.
Kelly C

Alex is a very accomplished pianist, and great and fun teacher. His classroom setup is wonderful with keyboards for 5 students plus him as teacher. He's got overhead video cameras so the students can watch his hands while he's playing. Highly recommend.
Eric Shell

Very nice and great teacher. The setup and quality of lessons is amazing. Great for both the easygoing learner and the hardcore pianist.  Thank you Alex!
Soeun Yun

A friend recommended Alex for our son and I am so grateful. My son had taken lessons for approx 2 Summers and just did not get much enjoyment out of it. He learned the names of notes and how to read music etc. His teacher said he was wonderful and learned quickly but he did not want to continue. I decided to give piano another try because I noticed how well he picked it up. From the first day that we met Alex and my son had his first lesson, it was a blast! Alex is animated, funny and a brilliant musician. He knows how to read a kid and adjust his method to best engage them and keep it exciting for them to learn. All the while he is talking about why and how and the leaning is constant. He gives encouragement and never lets them feel bad if they make mistakes etc. I believe that it is Alex's huge heart and delightful spirit that makes him one in a million.
Tammy Templin

My boys Bry and Brandon have really enjoyed lessons with Alex because of the dynamic way in which he approaches piano and music.
​He is a real joker and the boys love it! Thank you 

Sally Peters

So far I've learned and improved more in two months of jazz piano and composition lessons with Alex than I did going through the entire UT music program plus all past private lessons combined. No matter how complex the subject matter he is able to both explain and demonstrate the material in a simple humorous way that is easily understood. I am blown away by his natural teaching skills. Some good teachers can't play and even more good players can't teach. Alex has shown himself to be quite exceptional at both. I've already signed my son up for lessons with him come next fall. Also he provides a full video of every lesson which is a Huge plus.
Mjor Winter

Alex is truly amazing (and talented in his own right)! For 45 years I have put off taking lessons because I wanted to PLAY the piano, not just do exercises or mechanically bang out lame versions of "Mary had a little lamb." Alex enables me to play the music I want to play! I still learn the theory, but it is about feeling the music, developing my own style, choosing what I want to practice, and enjoying the sound that comes from the instrument as I play. Practicing is a joy and is satisfying because I am also learning about different arrangements and how to improvise. His style of teaching is excellent, making sure that I understand, but still challenging me to push to my full potential. I can review my lessons afterward to refine and catch what I may have missed during the first go-round. Best decision I have made in a long, long time. Can I give more than 5 stars? Thanks Alex!!!
Peter Galbraith

Alex is an inspiring and thorough teacher as well as an amazing musician! Every lesson was packed with new ideas that both challenged and encouraged me. I would high recommended him to beginning through advanced students.
Joan Mishra

Wow! What a teacher! He is so skilled as a practitioner of the art; you can tell by the way his hands flow and fly on the keys. And he loves to share that joy with his students. He is patient and kind, yet pushes them into growing. Each lesson is packed full of learning and the video recordings of the sessions enable students to review the lesson at their own pace. The net result is outstanding value. I very highly recommend the Cool Piano Teacher!
Jay DeSouza

Alex is simply a wonderful teacher. He explains concepts patiently in a very clear and easy-to-understand fashion, keeps students engaged with a great sense of humor, and shows you exactly why you're learning what you're learning with examples that he plays so breathtakingly beautifully. You will be amazed.
Felix Ling

Alex is a wonderful and talented instructor. He is very patient and caring and has tremendous passion for the instrument. He tailors lessons to fit my needs, which I personally found amazing. This includes composing original music to take home and practice. You will not regret to take his lessons. I guarantee you.
Carl Coleman

If you want to learn jazz inside and out...look no further. Being a long time lover of jazz and it's offspring it was frustrating hearing the major 7ths, b5's, and dominants in my favorite tunes but never being able to connect the dots. With Alex I'm on my way. He's has a great studio setup and the recording of each session really help in the early stages. Highly recommended!
Cameron Rison

Alex teaches all three of my kids about theory through their own compositions which is extremely cool. I never hear any complaining about practicing. I was taking lessons for awhile until work scheduling got in the way. I look forward to resuming.
Mike O

I highly recommend Alex. He has taught me for the past ten years and has been so encouraging at every age. When I was younger (around seven), he kept me engaged through every minute of our lessons with his fun personality. As I have gotten older, he has kept the lessons exciting and interesting! I have learned vital music theory skills from him as well as how to express myself in my music. Alex is funny, innovative, and genuinely kindhearted. I have learned music skills and life lessons from him, and I can't imagine having a greater piano teacher over the past ten years.
Johanna Linquist

I have been a student of Alex for 6 years now. Under his instruction, my technique, understanding and improvisation at the piano have flourished. Alex's approach to teaching goes beyond the surface of simply how to play a song. He makes practicing fun and gives you the tools to understanding the mechanics behind the music. For anyone interested in developing their piano ability, there is no better option than studying under Alex Bohrer!
Ryan Huntington

Tremendous! Alex is that rare combination of great musician, knowledgeable and patient teacher, and fun! I am looking forward to many more sessions with him. If you get a chance to learn from him I recommend grabbing it.
Desmond D'Souza

Alex is seriously awesome! His teaching method is fun, smart and super practical and his passion for music greatly contagious! My son (11 year-old) LOVES learning with Alex! Although my son is challenged with focus, Alex always manages to spark Charlie's attention so that he can learn best! His teaching approach involved technology which is such an intelligent way for Charlie to get back to the recording of the lessons and practice all week long. I totally recommend Alex for anyone wanting to learn piano with ease and passion.
Aline Hanle

I've taken lessons on and off for roughly 50 years and Alex is hands down the best teacher I've had. In just a few lessons he has opened my eyes and heart anew to the pleasures and beauty of jazz piano!
Kevin Jordan

Alex has a gift of helping this little seed that I believe is inside everyone, blossom. He makes lessons so much fun which means the girls don't even realize they're actually learning. 

This man teaches you how to understand and play music in a variety of ways, while making music theory easier to understand and fun. He's the best piano teacher Austin has to offer.
Daniel Sahad

My son loves his piano lessons with Alex. Alex's enthusiasm, talent, and teaching style make piano time fun and exciting. My son has progressed tremendously technically, all while playing songs he truly enjoys. Highly recommend the Cool Piano Teacher!
Soniya Schuneman

Alex taught all three of my kids Ava, Christian & Ben for many years. To this day I still refer him as the perfect Cool Piano Teacher to everyone I come across interested in learning piano.
Ray Longoria

Incredible teacher. Alex's music knowledge and passion for teaching is unmatched. Fantastic value for very personalized and detailed lessons and videos. Very patient and fun as well. If you have the opportunity to learn from Alex, you should definitely take it! Couldnt be happier!

My son has been working with this teacher for years and has benefited greatly. Mr Bohrer brings rock solid understanding of theory, spontaneous and in-depth focus on any requests, and a really positive attitude and energy to each class as well as transferring a great amount of composition mindset to my son. He's our kung fu grandmaster of piano, the teacher of teachers. If I whistle a tune near the man, in 5 minutes I'll be holding fresh sheet musical tune. We are really glad we found this teacher.
Dan Rezkowski

Get prepared to strap a rocket to your keyboard and blast off because Alex is not your ordinary piano teacher. He is able to quickly understand a student’s current level, ability, and challenge areas, while keeping the whole process fun and light. Alex has a gift for teaching and finding the path that keeps his students motivated and interested. Take that first free lesson and Alex will begin to put the heart and soul back into your music. Alex is the piano teacher you always wished you could have.
Stacie K

Alex is a brilliant pianist whose passion for teaching is overflowing! His online MeetUps are densely content-rich which gives a lesson that keeps on giving for weeks afterwards. Plus, he genuinely likes his students. Five stars!!!!!!
Susan Boulden

Alex has a unique method of teaching which makes it interesting yet challenging for the kids. I have been to multiple teachers who have more or less the same method of teaching, using existing pieces to learn the techniques. Alex, on the other hand, focuses on creating music. Very interesting lessons and those who want to focus on creating their own music should definitely try him out.

Alex Bohrer is an amazing piano teacher!!! He created a curriculum specifically for my son that has combined solid technique with basics in composition and improvisation. He uses all genres of music (classical, popular, jazz) as well as different genres of technology (video lessons, various software programs for recording and arranging) to engage my 10 year old. I love and appreciate how he always strives to produce the optimum creative environment for learning for his students.The depth of Alex's arrangements constantly amaze me and showcase his own impressive talents as a musician. I love listening to my son play everything from Day Tripper to Moonlight Sonata. Alex Bohrer is definitely one of Austin's coolest best kept secrets!
Shannon Sefcik

Alex is an outstanding teacher! He is the rare person who both has deep knowledge of music, and knows how to make that knowledge accessible to everyone. In the short time I've been studying with him, he's gone above and beyond in various ways: compressing recordings of our lessons so they fit in my (free version) of Dropbox, providing make-up lessons when I injured myself, and doing a lesson on ear-training just because I asked. If you have the opportunity to study with Alex, take it!
Nick Ackerman

Alex Bohrer has been a Godsend. 
Alex had been referred to me by friends due to his ability to inspire kids & nurture a love for music. We knew we had a winner at the first lesson because all the way home the girls couldn't stop talking about the songs they had just composed and couldn't wait to get home to the piano. 
​It has been 8 months and still that enthusiasm for the piano has not subsided.
Also previously it had been like pulling teeth getting the girls to actually read the music as they just memorized everything but Alex had them reading both treble and bass clef with little effort.
Alex is not your typical conservative or stiff piano teacher.
Thanks Alex for showing our girls just how amazing music and piano lessons can be.
Sarah B..

Alex is a fantastic teacher with a passion for teaching theory and making the entire process fun. He adapts to each student with each lesson and truly ensures theory and concepts are grasped. An amazing musician and a rockstar teacher to say the least!
Colton Anderson

This guy is great!!
Teddi Withers

Alex does a great job of engaging his students by combining humor, technology and creativity. It has been amazing watching my son develop as a pianist.
Rebecca Handing

Alex is a great teacher. He adjusts each lesson plan according to the goals and learning pace of the student. I bought only a month of lessons but I learned so much and he provided me with the tools and materials I need to keep learning on my own for a long time. He is also a funny and personable guy and his piano playing just puts the brightest smile on my face. I will definitely resume when I can.
Peter P.

Two of my boys took piano lessons from Alex--for over 10 years (from 8 - 18). They picked up the basics quickly with his unique "Bohrer" style, were never bored (he would compose his lessons using the songs they wanted--we have binders of custom music), and developed a love for music. They both became 1st chair in the Westlake band (way ahead of the typical students), one even played a solo in Carnegie Hall. Alex is an absolutely amazing teacher. Everyone we have known that was taking piano lessons else ware has switched to Alex (over 10 different individuals and families). For one, he sticks around (for over 20 years in the area), and second he is amazing. It is like we have one the best pianist (he scored Hollywood movies for over 15 years) in the nation (and one of the most innovative and incredible teachers) online.
Ted Finch

A 5+ star teacher
Debra Sabah Press

Alex is not just a great pianist and teacher, he's also a super "cool" human being with a huge heart, and a passion for changing and enriching the lives of everyone he meets through his music. I'm thankful to have gotten to know him so many years ago and thankful he's a part of my life now. Simply put, Alex is THE BEST.
Al Lyman

I have always wanted to learn the piano, as it is not only one of my favorite instruments, but one of the most beautiful instruments in music. Though, I was always intimidated to learn as it seemed extremely hard and complex. But, I had heard very strong things about Alex and decided to give it a try.
Alex has been nothing short of phenomenal, making the process of learning the piano not only feasible, but truly an enjoyable experience through every step. He listens to your intentions and desires you have for learning the piano, and incorporates them efficiently into the lesson plan he devises for you. Making your lessons and practice at home something to always look forward to!
Alex is also thoroughly equipped in many different ways to ensure your success throughout your learning process. Every lesson he has a monitor stationed in front of your piano, projecting his movement on his own piano while guiding you through the lesson. He records the entirety of your days lesson, and following the lesson sends you a copy to review and to help through your practice at home.
Couldn't be more satisfied with this experience!

Sean M.

I have looked for a teacher like Alex since my kids were young. I knew what I wanted but just couldn’t find it. Alex is it! He is great and teaches Theory in such an understandable non-boring way! Too late for my older son’s but so glad my daughter is taking lessons.
Deborah Neuberger

Alex teaches in a way that is very practical and can apply directly to what you want to do. Incredible information and knowledge. Look forward to my lessons every time.
Charles Winckel

Alex has it all as a teacher: listening skills, patience, passion, complete and wide technique and a great contact with kids and adults alike. He makes the student feel comfortable and able to explore different types of music. My son learned some impressive jazz skills. Definitely highly recommended!
Marie-Laure Limousin

Our son Denny(8) and daughter Faith (10) have only been taking piano lessons with Alex for three months and still we've never seen either of them this excited about practicing piano before. They actually fight for piano time. Both studied previously at another local music school but after two years of paying hefty tuition fees we saw very little progress in their playing. They had not been taught any theory whatsoever and neither could read notation beyond early beginner level. Since starting with Alex their progress in all areas of study has been astonishing and they show no signs of slowing down. The practice video support Alex provides his students has been a great help as it relieves me of the pressure of always having to micro manage their daily practice routine.. I wish we had started with Alex two years ago but better late than never. We highly recommend Alex to any and all parents who find themselves fighting to get their own child to practice. He really cares about each child's progress and the kids know it. This motivates them all the more. Alex you're the bomb!
Andria Wilson

Alex is special because he is both a phenomenal musician and a phenomenal teacher. He is very adept at breaking down the music theory behind the music he teaches. I always come away with new understanding of how music works, and I feel able to apply it to other music I encounter. He has a novel teaching style that I find works very well. We record a video of his hands throughout the 1 hour lesson. It takes me the full week between lessons to mine all the gems from our lesson video.
Jonathan Wilson

Alex does a great job of teaching in the context of the lesson but also at giving you glimpses into future techniques when it makes sense. I have enjoyed each of my lessons. He makes complex concepts extremely simple to understand and master. The supplemental videos he provides students between lessons have also been a tremendous practice aid. He is a natural born teacher.
Joshua Pickett

Alex is by far one of the best teachers I have worked with in my years of being a musician. He takes an extremely unique approach to learning an instrument, and much of what he has shown me has bled into other instruments I play. He is extremely knowledgeable, and when you take lessons with Alex, it's not just about the technical side of learning an instrument; it's about connecting with your instrument, feeling the music, expressing your creativity and letting the music change you. (Also, he has cameras set up over the keyboard and videos every lesson so you can go back and study!) I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take music lessons, even if piano is not your main instrument, or even if you wish to pursue music as a hobby or for therapeutic reasons. You won't regret it!
Winry Ember

Wow! My head is so full of great information that I think it just might explode! Seriously, Alex is so enthusiastic and passionate, not only about music, but about teaching. He is a great teacher and gives, gives, gives, and then gives some more. Having the session videotaped is a real bonus, and I'm really going to get some good use out of the videos and worksheets that Alex shared. Looking forward to more!
Billie Woods

Alex is both a fantastic pianist and teacher. He has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to theory, as well as improvisational techniques. He showed us how just a few simple chords can be strung together into beautiful melodies. His setup is designed to allow students to see his hands, and his style of teaching is very conducive to learning. 5 stars across the board!
Johnny Chambers Jr.

I've been with Alex for many months now and have had an excellent experience! I went to school as a music major in college, but I only had a functional set of piano skills when I first started with Alex. He has helped me greatly to start moving past a functional set of skills and towards trying to find my own voice. His teaching style tends to be prioritized around students discovering their own creative direction and unique understanding. Recommended!!

Alex is a phenomenal musician and teacher who knows how to make learning fun. He is the type of musician that can hear a song once and then sit down and play it ten different ways. He can teach the basics, as well as challenge the most advanced students. He is able to work with all types of students, those that want to gain a good foundation in music theory and learn how to read music, as well as those who want to write their own music and develop their improvisational skills. While he helps his students to build a strong foundation in music, he is flexible enough to allow students to play the type of music that speaks to them. He is easily able to connect with the students with his hands on approach and great sense of humor. You should give Alex a try, you won't be disappointed. :-)
Jamie P.

Alex Bohrer is a warm and engaging piano instructor whose expertise and originality cannot be denied. Clearly his passion is to bring out the best in each student at any level and age in a way they can grow and love music and forever be inspired. There may be other options in music schools and teachers but I know that Alex's student opt to take online courses with him because they can attest to the extraordinary results. Bravo to a master!
Donna Lita 

Alex Bohrer is an incredible piano player and teacher. He has a great love of music that shines through to his students.   My 12 yr old daughter has been taking lessons from him for the past 4 to 5 yrs. He has a unique and enjoyable style of teaching. He is able to make my daughter focus using his amusing personality while stilll keeping it professional.   His goal is to make the student understand and love the music language, and to develop good mechanical skills.  It has been an astonishing journey watching her grow in music. She has learned composition, improvisation and so much more.   With the ability to use various teaching methods homework and practicing at home becomes simple and effortless.  Alex  really does live up to his name "Cool Piano Teacher".
Cynthia Lindquist

Alex is truly the next level piano teacher. Our son had a great piano teacher before but Alex has helped to explore all that is behind the notes and gain a deeper understanding of music. They are creating original music together and helping our son grow musically and as a person. Our son recently needed an MRI for a sports injury and they ask him what kind of music he wanted to listen to while the machine did its thing. He answered, "Bach", the MRI operator asked him a few more times before turning to me to interpret what he was saying....Ohhh classical music. That is just how cool Alex is and how great a teacher he has been for our son.
Mr. Crawfish

I have a BM degree in classical piano. I’ve been taking online jazz piano lessons through Skype with Alex for over a year now. In this short period of time I’ve experienced more practical piano improvement in my playing than in my combined fifteen years of prior schooling and private study with various other wonderful but limited teachers. I’ve experienced major spikes of improvement in my improvisation, chord voicing, ear development and theory to name just a few. These are areas I’ve always been fascinated with yet found were unavailable through classical training. Alex came highly recommended to me by the head of the UT Composition dept. and I feel fortunate to have found him. I really look forward to seeing where my playing will be in a another year. With Alex I’ve had to study and practice hard but I’ve loved every second of it. The results have been well worth the effort. I would strongly recommend Alex Bohrer to anyone serious about taking their piano skills to the next level.
Phillip Woods

Our boys both enjoyed piano lessons with Alex for two years until we relocated out of the country.  Alex is great with kids plus he incorporates composition in his teaching. This is a major confidence builder which the boys loved. To this day they still sit and show off their compositions to friends.
Katie Aird

I recently moved to the area and was looking for a piano teacher to get me started as an adult student.  I'm glad I found Alex.  His lessons are so much fun!  He has a very inspirational way of teaching and his enthusiasm for music of all styles and the piano is infectious.  Alex makes even the most basic beginner exercises fun and shows me how I can spice them up a bit.  I'm looking forward to many more years of his guidance and recommend anyone to work with him.
Dirk B.

Alex is a wonderful piano teacher. He has taught my son for two years. He has taught him much more than just how to play songs on the piano, but actual music theory. He has become a family friend. I would highly recommend him.
Zachary Lawley