Online vs In-person

  • Hands-down remote lessons are far better for adults and mature kids.
    There is more procrastination & wasted lesson time with in-person lessons. Remote lessons are more focused and content-rich providing more bang for the buck.
    Remote piano lessons provide access to the Best teachers for you vs settling for the closest teachers to you.
    Virtual piano lessons also provide multi-angle views of hands & all lessons are recorded.

Am I too old to learn piano?

  • Kids absorb faster but adults make greater gains by being more committed to practicing what they pay for.

Do you provide make-up lessons?

  • Other in-demand teachers forfeit missed lessons. Alex understands that life happens & everyone has schedule conflicts. He devised a win-win for students & teachers.
  • Rather than forfeit missed lessons, Alex uses the reserved time slot to create makeup video lessons which are uploaded to your private online folder and ready when you are.
    This win-win ensures neither the student nor the teacher pays for the missed lesson. 

Bonus lesson support & value?

  • All lessons are recorded & saved to your desktop.
  • Makeup videos are provided as a courtesy.
  • Worksheets, books & materials are all provided for free.
  • Even additional practice videos are provided at no additional cost.
  • Private students receive the iReal Pro app with amazing practice features and several thousand tunes.
  • Talk about getting more than your money's worth.