TQ Jazz Piano Voicing

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Alright, alright, alright, have you cats checked out the TQ (Tritonal Quartal) voicing? Man, it's a killer jazz piano sound that can really take your tunes to the next level. Here's how it works - you combine a tritone in the left hand with a quartal in the right hand, creating this real rich and dense sound that's both powerful and intricate. It's like a funky and soulful collision of two different worlds.

Now, one way you can use the TQ voicing is as a substitute for a regular dom 7th chord. You dig what I'm saying? The tritone in the left hand can function as the dominant 7th while the quartal in the right hand adds this modern and fresh sound to the chord progression. It's like a little bit of old school and a little bit of new school all mixed up.

But that ain't all, baby. You can also use the TQ voicing to create a complex and unique melody. The quartal in the right hand adds this dissonant and abstract sound to the melody, while the tritone in the left hand provides a solid foundation. It creates this tension between the melody and harmony that really brings the music to life.

So, bottom line, the TQ voicing is a powerful and versatile tool that can add a ton of texture and depth to any jazz tune. Whether you're using it to spice up a chord progression, create a unique melody, or just get down with some funky and soulful sounds, you gotta check it out. Trust me, it's the kind of thing that'll have you tickling those ivories all night long.

So, remember, when you're playing that TQ voicing, think of it like a powerful car engine. You got that spark in the left hand and that smooth transmission in the right. It's the kind of thing that's gonna take your music from 0 to 60 in no time flat.

Think luxury ride with a muscle car engine. Best of both worlds.