The Secret To Playing Drop 2 Voicings On Piano

drop 2 voicings piano jazz piano Jan 02, 2023

A drop 2 voicing is a chord voicing in which the second highest note in the chord is dropped an octave. This creates a wider spacing between the notes of the chord, which can add a rich, full sound to your piano playing. Here are a few tips for using drop 2 voicings:

  1. Practice playing drop 2 voicings in all 12 keys. This will help you become more comfortable with them and be able to use them in any musical situation.

  2. Experiment with different inversions of drop 2 voicings. You can create a wide range of different sounds by simply rearranging the order of the notes in the chord.

  3. Use drop 2 voicings to add depth and complexity to your chord progressions. These voicings can add a new level of interest to your playing and can help you create more harmonically sophisticated music.

  4. Practice playing drop 2 voicings with both your right and left hands. This will help you develop greater facility with these voicings and be able to use them in a variety of musical situations.

  5. Don't be afraid to try using drop 2 voicings in different styles of music. While they are often used in jazz, they can be used in many other genres as well.